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Illuminating Accents: Accent Lighting for A Beautiful Home

By |February 14th, 2018|

Accent lighting draws attention to your home’s most enticing features. By adding chandeliers, sconces, and other illuminating accents, you can create an enticing air of dramatic ambience. Whether entertaining guests or enjoying quiet, romantic moments, you’ll appreciate the way accent lighting enhances your space.

Arranged within the confines of even the simplest hearth, French candlesticks bring sculpted beauty and a warm, romantic feeling to the space where they’re displayed. Beautifully framed photographs serve as the perfect personal touch. Try mirrors with candles too; it’s one of the most traditional methods for making the most of this type of accent lighting.
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Romantic Home Decorating

By |February 11th, 2016|

Embrace the art of romantic home decorating by adding just a few meaningful touches. Evocative colors, flowers, mixing vintage and antique-inspired pieces with modern decor, and of course, anything French can transform a so-so space into an exquisite getaway.

Corset chairs with plump pillows, a pair of sparkling chandeliers, and a fragrant bouquet create a decidedly French atmosphere that manages to portray a sense of intimacy despite the ten-place setting. Replicate this look on a smaller scale to heighten its romantic appeal.

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If choosing just one space to begin your romantic home decorating adventure, make it the bedroom. Here, flirtatious […]